Old School Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie


Soft and gooey chocolatey goodness that will have you licking the crumbs from your plate! Nothing can beat a freshly made Old School Chocolate Brownie, unless it's six big, square slabs of them, delivered to your own home.

Delivery: Free Delivery for cakes and brownies in Milton Keynes only. Food deliveries are on Wednesdays and Saturdays at times to be arranged with you. No postage options are currently available for these items.

Returns/Refunds: There are no returns or refunds on cakes and brownies. These are made to order. Contact us if there are quality issues.

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The Old School
Old Wolverton Rd
Milton Keynes 
MK12 5NP
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01908 321898

Email Enquiries (Best method to contact us)
Guest House: [email protected]
Hall: [email protected]

Cafe opening hours: 
Monday–Thursday: Closed
Fri/Sat/Sun: Closed