Terms & Conditions – Guest House


In the context of this Hire Agreement

(a) ”the Guest House ” shall mean the Old School, Old Wolverton Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5NP
(b) The hirer shall mean the person who has signed this Hire Agreement.
(c) The Premises shall mean the areas of Old School Guest House which the hirer has agreed to hire.

Bookings and Payment

  1. All hire charges and deposits must be paid in advance, PRIOR to hire, and at the point of booking.
  2. We do not charge a deposit, but invoices might be sent to the hirer to cover any damage which is discovered after the stay.
  3. Keys for the property will be left in a safe space, which will be communicated to the hirer at least one week before the booking date.


  1. A notice period of 14 days is required before a cancellation is made. Any cancellations within 14 days of the stay will result in the full loss of the hire fee. Up to that point, the Guest House offers 50% refund of the original hire fee. Should there be fewer than 14 days between booking and the date of use, there is no refund.
  2. Cancellations must be made in writing via email.
  3. Future Wolverton reserves the right to cancel any booking at its discretion, should they have reason to do so, and to change or amend the terms and conditions of hire at any time without prior notice. We endeavour to honour all bookings and wherever possible will provide alternative arrangements.
  4. Future Wolverton reserves the right to close the premises at any time for emergency or periodic maintenance and also when the premises are required for public elections or similar events. We will always try to give block bookers a month’s notice of closure.

Check in and check out

  1. Your room will be ready from 3pm and you are required to have vacated it by 10am on the morning of your departure date.
  2. Please leave your room and all communal areas as clean and tidy as possible. Future Wolverton reserves the right to charge a cleaning free, should the premises be soiled beyond a reasonable level.
  3. Guests are required to return the key to the safe space at the end of their stay.
  4. Should you have any feedback or commends, please use the provided guest book or send us an email via [email protected]

Use of Premises

  1. The rooms of the Guest House are intended for private and professional individuals who wish to use their room as a ‘home away from home’ during their time in Milton Keynes and we expect guests to use their rooms and the communal spaces with care.
  2. The Guest House might be shared by up to six individuals at any time, and guests are expected to be considerate to each other, eg not to play loud music and keep the communal facilities clean.
  3. Guests will have their own keys and may come and go as they please within the hiring period, but are reminded to lock the door behind them to keep the building and other residents safe.
  4. The hirer is liable for the cost of any significant additional cleaning, should this be necessary, and also for any damage or breakages that may occur during the hire period.
  5. Equipment provided in the Guest House can only be used within the facility and must not be removed.
  6. Any equipment brought into the building by the hirer must be safe and fit for purpose. Any accidents resulting from equipment brought into the building are the responsibility of the hirer.
  7. We allow children under 18 years of age in the Guest House, provided they are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  8. We allow dogs in the downstairs room of the Guest House (The Railway Room) and in the communal areas. Please let us know if you wish to bring your dog. Dogs must be supervised at all times, and cannot be left in rooms on their own at any point. Should we find that you have left your dog on its own at the Guest House, you will be asked to leave immediately and the rest of your booking fee will be lost to you.
  9. Hiring of rooms can only be done by individuals over 18 years of age.
  10. Rubbish should be placed in the waste baskets in the rooms or the recycling bins in the kitchen. We have a black bin for general waste, a white bin for recycling and a green bin for bio waste. Please use them accordingly.
  11. The premises shall be used for short term hire purposes only and shall not be used as the hirer’s postal address or business address.
  12. No alterations or additions shall be made to the premises.
  13. No advertising or publicity material will be displayed inside or outside the building without the prior approval of Future Wolverton.

Health and Safety

  1. Please make sure to study the ‘Visitor’s Guide’ carefully upon arriving at the Guest House, so that you become familiar with the fire and emergency procedures. Upon hearing the fire alarm, please leave the Guest House through the nearest exit and assemble in the car park in front of the building.
  2. You will be provided with an emergency number you can ring if you need immediate help. Please only get in touch out of hours if there is a matter which requires immediate attention; nuisance calls may be charged.
  3. Fire exits must not be obstructed in any manner at all. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the fire procedures displayed in the building and verbally communicated to them are also communicated to their guests/clients.
  4. It is illegal to smoke inside the buildingtherefore if you or your guests smoke you/they must only do so outside the FRONT of the building and cigarette ends must be safely disposed of in the unit provided.
  5. No fireworks (indoor or outdoor) are allowed.
  6. No hazardous liquid substances or items that may be seen as a fire or safety risk are allowed.
  7. If you use the kitchen and its utensils, please clean, wash and dry everything and return it to its original place.
  8. Hirers are responsible for their guests at all times whilst in the building
  9. Please make sure that all children are well supervised in the kitchen.
  10. If alcohol is present in the Guest House then the hirers are responsible for the action of their guests. Future Wolverton does not endorse the consumption of alcohol if children are present, or if guests are driving.
  11. Hirers must not cause annoyance or nuisance to local residents or adjoining occupiers by the playing of unreasonably loud music etc.


  1. The Old School’s insurance does not cover the hirer’s property and equipment. Items left or stored at the Guest House are done so at the hirer’s own risk and the Guest House takes no responsibility for any loss or damage.
  2. Please see separate listings for our hiring costs. Special occasions, such as New Year Bookings and Christmas Bank Holiday bookings will be considered but will incur additional charges.
  3. Future Wolverton reserves the right to cancel the booking if the hirer breaks any of the terms and conditions.