Tabitha Mary designs exclusive print for Old School’s Birthday

The Old School project is about so much more than bricks and mortar, but without those bricks, there would be no project! So we’re very proud to reveal this beautiful new print of the Old School by local Bedfordshire artist Tabitha Mary. 

Inspired by railway travel posters of old, we think it captures the charm and character of the building with a cheeky little nod to Wolverton’s railway heritage. Available exclusively through the Old School online shop, now you can bring a little bit of the Old School home with you and take in that gorgeous view even while our doors are shut.

We’re really happy to be able to help support a local artist by commissioning our amazing new print of the Old School from Tabitha Mary. We wanted to bring you a little peak into the world of the artist behind the art, so we asked Tabitha to tell us a little bit about her work and inspiration, and how lockdown has affected her.

“The print that started Tabitha Mary was the Shipping Forecast Regions. (Still one of my best sellers) and I created it as a gift. But the first actual railway style print I did was Ruislip Lido, I used to attend a market in that area and so thought I’d capture something local. People loved it and that’s really how the business has continued, capturing places local to people and that mean something.

The places that most inspire me are mountains. I just love mountains! I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on New Years Day 2014 and ever since all mountains have held a very special place in my heart. I want to visit many many more once my children are a little older.

I design all my prints in illustrator, drawing using a graphics tablet. I use photographs as reference and normally start with the foreground and work backwards. Sometimes when i’m working on a print things just all fall together and it just works, you know?

Those are the prints that actually end up being my most successful ones. I guess an example would be Sorrento, it’s really popular at the moment and I really love the lemons on it. I’ve never included fruit before and I think it really works on this design.

Being in lockdown has had a massive effect. I have 2 children under 3 and so no childcare has been really challenging. My husband is still working full time from home, so trying to juggle it all and find time to design has been exceptionally difficult. But we’re muddling through. The biggest positive of lockdown would be the bond my 2 kids are forming and the local walks we’ve discovered as a family.

For the future just really hope to still be here, doing this. I honestly love it and feel so lucky that people actually want to purchase my prints! I still can’t believe it most of the time, even nearly 10 years on since my very first online sale. But I do hope to carry on broadening my range and filling in lots of geographical gaps in my collection!”

The Old School, Wolverton by Tabitha Mary is available exclusively from the Old School Shop:

See Tabitha Mary’s other work (including local landmarks such as the Wolverton Viaduct, The Point and Bletchley Park) on her website:


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